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Our expertise:
Deterring of illegal access into sealed containers and trucks

introduced in 1984 as the world's first

solid steel interlocking bar seal

Welcome to NAVALOCK®

The world leading container security systems since 1984

The NAVALOCK security devices are among the world's most reliable locking and sealing systems for containers and trucks.

Cargo crime is on the increase and since the September 11 attacks on the US, the world is facing the aftermath of international terrorism.

The risk of containers and trucks arriving at their destination with the seals intact but the contents missing or substituted has never been more acute than now.

The transportation and shipping industries became viable targets not only for theft of cargo, but more than that, potential conveyors for illicit deliveries of explosives, dangerous chemicals and poisoning of food carried therein.

The NAVALOCK security devices are a well-proven, efficient barrier and strong deterrent to help prevent such vicious deeds by perpetrators.

How? By combining an all-steel, heavy-duty
locking bar with a built-in tamper-evident seal.

Others have imitated and launched NAVALOCK "look-alikes"; these have never equaled NAVALOCK in strength or its proven security.


Member of the following industry associations:

International Cargo Security Council

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