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The NAVALOCK® approach
How does the NAVALOCK seal containers securely?

The NAVALOCK unites and secures the doors of containers or trucks by joining the inner door rods with a heavy-duty solid-steel bar combined with a built-in tamper evident seal. This solution eliminates the vulnerability of sealing containers or trucks on the door rod handles.


Special features:

  • NAVALOCK security devices are highly resistant to tensile loads, cutting, breaking and removal using common burglars' tools, such as bolt cutters, hammers, chisels and crowbars.
  • NAVALOCK security devices are "all in one" heavy-duty security locks and tamper-evident seals.
  • NAVALOCK security devices are accepted by both the US and UK Customs authorities as high-security seals and are listed accordingly in Group 1.

Important note:
To provide evidence of tampering, NAVALOCK's unique seal number must be entered into all shipping documents. No additional seals are required on a container or truck sealed with a NAVALOCK.

Why? Because the NAVALOCK® is the seal

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