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Victor Navarsky
Inventor of the Navalock

Navalock MK II, the world's
first solid steel interlocking bar seal

The story behind the NAVALOCK®

The NAVALOCK high-security container seals and locks are the brainchild of NAVATECH's founder, Victor Navarsky. Victor spent more time than he cares to remember as a Marine Chief Engineer and Marine Engineering Superintendent for ZIM, one of the world's leading container shipping lines.

Some years ago, while inspecting a ship in port of Kobe, Japan, he noticed that some containers had flat steel bars welded across the door rods. Drawing on his marine engineering background and shipping industry experience, he set out to devise a more secure and cost-effective method than welding.

The result was the NAVALOCK MK II -- the world's first solid-steel interlocking bar-type seal for containers and trucks, introduced in 1984.


NAVALOCK has established a new standard for high-security locks
and seals, contributing thereby to a safer transportation industry

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