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Container crime -- can you afford to ignore the risks?
The facts and figures speak for themselves

Container crime is on the increase. The estimated annual losses from cargo theft amount to US$30-50 billion. (Source: ICCs International Maritime Bureau, 20 July, 2000.)

Containers and trucks arrive at their destination with the seals intact but the contents missing. Many of these apparently inexplicable losses result from the vulnerability of sealing containers or trucks using the door rod handles.

Sealing on the door rod handles does not seal the container!
Can you afford to ignore this vulnerability?
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It’s easy to open a container or truck without damaging the seal applied on the door rod handles.

So easy, that we have been requested not to publicize how it’s done, and prevent thieves, or terrorists to exploit this vulnerability to remove the shipment or insert contraband, explosives and chemical/biological agents there in.

Sealing and locking containers or trucks by binding the door rods assures that those cannot be opened and closed again without leaving evidence of tampering.

Can this be achieved by simple means?

Yes - see photo slide show.

Sealing and locking of containers and trucks by integrating the inner door rods into the sealing loop is a better, proven tamper-evident solution then utilizing the door handles only.

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