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Myth - A misleading note was created by makers of a "look alike" of the NAVALOCK, (part MKIII-A and part MKV) claiming that connecting their interlocking bars by a cable seal through the right door rod’s handle and it’s brackets, makes it a better product.

Truth - The NAVALOCK MKIII-A, patented in 1994 and still our top seller, has such a built-in feature (see patent drawings details 1 and details 2) for customers who wish to wear both, "suspenders" and a "belt" and has been in use ever since then.

We do not promote it, as it is not mandatory by customs or others. It is part of our design to satisfy clients who trust in "more" means "better" and our belief that "customers are always right". We therefore provided that feature, to please end users with special requirements.

The NAVALOCK is one of the world's most reliable locking and sealing devices to deter theft and/or interference with cargo carried in containers and trucks.

NAVALOCK's advantage has been confirmed in actual use and by official tests, ensuring highest security and proof of seal tampering.

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