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Myth - Makers of a NAVALOCK MKIII-A "look alike" device are claiming that their product is being made of hardened steel, so it cannot be cut by a hacksaw.

Truth - This may be so, however the locking clasp of that "look alike" gadget is made of aluminum and can be easily broken open in less than 25 seconds using common burglars tools.

To break open an original NAVALOCK MKIII-A requires over 12 minutes (a total of 737 seconds) and to accomplish it one must apply much more effort and make use of additional tools.

These tests were carried out at Yokohama, Japan, by an independent authority. The results are documented in word and photographs and verified accordingly.

The NAVALOCK is one of the world's most reliable locking and sealing devices to deter theft and/or interference with cargo carried in containers and trucks.

NAVALOCK's advantage has been confirmed in actual use and by official tests, ensuring highest security and proof of seal tampering.

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