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Myth - Makers of a NAVALOCK "look alike" device are showing on their web site easy identifiable photographs of our original NAVALOCK MKV being cut by an oxy-acetylene torch and claiming that conventional locking bars give a false sense of security, because such devices can be easily removed (using a torch means easily?) and their absence will go unnoticed (?) by carriers and customs officials.

Truth - The NAVALOCK devices are not conventional locking bars, because all have been inspected and accepted by US and UK Customs as high security seals and are listed as such in Group 1.

When a container is locked and sealed with a NAVALOCK and its unique seal number has been entered into the shipping documents, the cutting and removal of it cannot go unnoticed.

The NAVALOCK is one of the world's most reliable locking and sealing devices to deter theft and/or interference with cargo carried in containers and trucks.

NAVALOCK's advantage has been confirmed in actual use and by official tests, ensuring highest security and proof of seal tampering.

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