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Myth - Makers of a "look alike" product try to disclaim the NAVALOCK by showing on their marketing video that the NAVALOCK MKV solid steel locking bars can be easily cut by a torch and restored to their original condition by welding, grinding smooth and repainting the welding seam.

Truth - A steel locking bar can be cut by a torch, but it is virtually impossible to restore it undetectable because of:

  1. 1. A steel locking bar cannot be welded properly at the backside, due to the narrow space between it and the container or truck doors.
  2. Proper lining up for welding of the bar’s cut parts on site is virtually impossible.
  3. Such newly welded seams can be ground smooth only where facing outward, because a disc grinder cannot reach the locking bar from the back.
  4. Basic requirements for checking seals require a seal to be grasped by hand and pulled on it to verify if it is intact. Such action must reveal bare, rough welding seams at the back of a tampered locking bar.
  5. A proper investigation can easily detect a suspected bar, because the original electroplated finish which was destroyed by the heat during the welding and the unavoidable grinder scars cannot be hidden just by painting over.

The NAVALOCK is one of the world's most reliable locking and sealing devices to deter theft and/or interference with cargo carried in containers and trucks.

NAVALOCK's advantage has been confirmed in actual use and by official tests, ensuring highest security and proof of seal tampering.

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