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Myth - Makers of a NAVALOCK "look alike" device (part MKIIIA and part MKV) claim that because it is made of ductile cast iron it can only be removed using a cutting torch. They claim that theirs is a superior product offering high security properties both as a single use type and as a reusable key operated one as well.

Truth - Being made of ductile cast iron, which is a brittle material, those “look alike” devices can be easily broken. It is possible to get access into a locked and sealed container or truck, supposedly well protected by that device, in less than 30 seconds using simple hand tools only.

The reusable version, which is fitted with a cylinder-locking device can be easily picked and opened in less than 1 minute using simple tools and without damaging the lock. After opening the container or truck, the cargo can be stolen and the lock closed again without leaving hardly any evidence.

The NAVALOCK MKV-R (single use disposable type) and the MKV-RL (a reusable version of the MKV-R) were tested for opening and or breaking using a heavy bolt cutter, a hammer and chisel and a hacksaw.

Both of above tests were abandoned after 5 minutes of tampering, because both devices could not be defeated and prolonging the attack would not change the outcome.

The tests of the "look-alike" as well as the tests of the NAVALOCK products were carried out at Yokohama, Japan, by an independent authority. The results are documented in word and photographs and verified accordingly.

The NAVALOCK is one of the world's most reliable locking and sealing devices to deter theft and/or interference with cargo carried in containers and trucks.

NAVALOCK's advantage has been confirmed in actual use and by official tests, ensuring highest security and proof of seal tampering.

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