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(Figure 1)
The NAVALOCK MKII-B consists of 5 components made of steel plate plus a locking unit assembly (see Figure 1). This "One-Point, Variable Pitch Locking System" joins the two inner locking rods of the container/truck doors and secures them with the "click" of the locking unit assembly. Materials used (all with an electro plated finish) are 5 mm (abt 3/16"), 6 mm (abt 1/4") & 9 mm (abt 3/8") steel plate and hardened alloy steel for the locking unit.
  1. Gripping bracket, for fitting on the left hand inner locking rod.
  2. Gripping bracket, for fitting on the right hand inner locking rod.
  3. Spacer to fit into the Gripping bracket (#1).
  4. Spacer to fit into the Gripping bracket (#2).
  5. Locking bar, to unite the doors' locking rods by engaging it through the Gripping Brackets (#1 & #2) and the Spacers (#3 & #4.

    Note: The locking bar has one 14.5 mm Ø (abt 9/16") opening for the locking pin and one more opening of 12 mm Ø (abt 1/2") for the application of an extra seal or identification mark of users' choice.
  6. Locking pin for securing the assembly, 14 mm Ø = 9/16", with an improved bigger head and embossed in relief identification letters NT on it.
  7. Locking bush with an improved locking mechanism, coated by ABS plastic with a laser engraved six digit seal number on it.
Technical Specifications:

Standard NAVALOCK MKII-B locking range is for container or truck doors with a maximum pitch of the inner door locking rods of 365 mm (abt 14 3/8") center to center ± 2 mm (abt 1/16"). Extra long bars are available by special order, minimum quantity/order applies.

The main components of the NAVALOCK MKII-B are made of 5, 6 & 9 mm (abt 3/16" - 3/8") thick steel plate, which is nearly double to triple that of container or truck panels or roof structure and exceeds the dimensions of most of the door's locking fittings.

The NAVALOCK MKII-B is packed in carton boxes of L 500 x W 200 x H 110 mm (abt L 20" x W 8" x H 4 7/16") containing six sets each. The total weight per set of standard length is ~ 2.0 kg (abt 4.5 lb) and per carton weight is ~ 13.0 kg (abt 28.5 lb).

  NAVATECH Co. Ltd. reserves the right to modify the design and/or materials, at any time, without prior notice, as deemed necessary.
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