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    NAVALOCK MKV-R provides the highest degree of anti-theft security available today, combined with a tamper evident sealing feature.

    Pays for itself by reducing the number of insurance claims, the cost of processing them and by eliminating the heavy penalties imposed by some Customs.

    An improved design of the NAVALOCK MKV introduced in 1994, Based on the well proven NAVALOCK concept of locking and securing container and truck doors by uniting the door rods.

    Easy to fit, no special skills or tools required; simple, robust design fits most standard containers and many trucks too.

    Resists cutting by double lever shears, breaking by hammer, crowbar or other crude tools. Breaking load of over 4 tons, as witnessed by A.B.S. Classification Surveyor and certified accordingly.

    Pending acceptance by H.M. and U.S. Customs requirements to be classified and certified as a High Security Seal.

    Pilferers or thieves cannot break in easily, since the hardened alloy steel round locking rod (14 mm = abt 5/8") must first be cut. A virtually impossible task by hand operated hacksaws or bolt cutters. (Certified by ABS)

    The PVC coating of the MKV-R and the sub surface laser engraved labeling assure the highest degree of tampering evidence, making those another world first by NAVATECH Container Security Systems.

    In today's security requirements, the NAVALOCK MKV-R not only helps in preventing theft of cargo, but also deters placing of explosives or chemical terror substances into sealed containers or trucks.

    Incorporates refinements based on experience gained from the tens of thousands sets of NAVALOCK MKV and MKV-L sold and used so far.

    The NAVALOCK MKV-R proves NAVATECH's expertise in supplying new and unique Container Security Systems, emanating from our long experience in designing and making such devices.

    We remain truthful in our goal to be innovative and make better security products to stay one step ahead of those imitating our efforts.

    If you are shipping or storing freight containers or trucks in high-risk zones, you cannot afford not to have the doors secured with NAVALOCK MKV-R!

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