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Seal Requirements ... and the NAVALOCK®
Customs seals and their application on containers and trucks

What is the most important function of a customs seal?
It must show clear evidence of tampering if it was opened and then reinstated.

What is a high security seal?
In addition to providing clear evidence of tampering, a high security seal must be strong and resistant to cutting, breaking and removal using common burglars’ tools.


Does the NAVALOCK fulfill those requirements?
Very much so. It is a tamper-evident seal combined with a heavy all steel locking bar.

What is a master seal?
A misleading term invented by manufacturers of a NAVALOCK "look alike" device to support their unsubstantiated claim that connecting it with a cable seal to the right door's inner handle provides special functionality, supposedly a "master seal".

No rules or regulations refer to the sealing of
containers or trucks solely on the door rod handles

NAVALOCK container security systems prove that the term "master seal" is a fiction. NAVALOCK security devices were inspected by both US and UK Customs authorities and accepted as Group 1 high security seals without the need of connecting them to the door rod handle - because the NAVALOCK is itself a seal.

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